About Melissa

EDIT: I am now putting that social work degree to good use five (rarely six) days a week. I love to read and learning is a big kick for me. I am starting this blog out of a need to organize my life as well as write about things that are interesting to me. That is pretty much it. I am clearly an awesome person.

Here are some quick blurbs from people that know me:

“Melissa is so cool.”– My Mom

That’s the only blurb I have but I think it’s pretty valid.


4 thoughts on “About Melissa

  1. HiMelissa,

    After receiving your invitation to “link”, I decided to search for info on you. I left DCI this past summer and I’m working with others to birth a new non-profit providing similar services but the capacity to work on regional issues.

    Our Vice-Chair, Kyra Coleman, is an undergrad student at WSU. She is a senior.

    Maybe after finals, the 3 of us could join for lunch. Keep the faith, your life will have challenges but even more successes.

  2. Rice says:

    hi there πŸ™‚ i was browsing through your blog. i would like to know, that image with the title “Don’t Tell us how to dress. Tell men not to rape” … where was that image taken and was it for a specific protest? hope you can let me know, thanks πŸ™‚

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