Melissa Updates

Hello Internets!

I’m not sure where to begin. I’m mostly doing this post because I hate that I stop updating this blog.  Let’s break the updates up by sections of my life.

In terms of health, we’ve covered the MS thing. It still sucks but not every day. I take my vitamins. I try to stretch and walk. I give myself a break on super hot days. I use a cane to get around. I can go short distances without a cane but for the most part…cane. I’m also doing this thing where I buy and then eat produce. I know. I was shocked too.

Professionally, I am doing well. I am pretty much in my dream job. I am working at the agency that I’ve loved since 2009. The struggle is to continue to grow after you get what you want. It’s easy for me to start acting as if I’m where I need to be for the rest of my life at 31. I could just sit still and wait for an appropriate age to bounce into retirement. I know that it’s in me and that’s what I fight on a weekly basis. That kind of complacency will be the end of me if I allow it. So I won’t. Luckily, in order to keep this LMSW I have to earn a certain number of “Continuing Education. Units.” Being mandated to grow helps. Nevertheless, I need to challenge to myself. It’s best for myself and my clients that I do so.

My personal life is better than it’s been a while for a number of reasons. Was that vague enough?


So that about covers it. I should end with a promise to update more. Hey, I’ll update more.  In case you totally miss me though I have two other blogs I update on the semi regular. This one is where I blog about my personal journey with MS. And this one is a flash fiction/poetry blog. 

Melissa Updates

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