My Thyroid and me!

Thyroid: a large ductless gland in the neck that secretes hormones regulating growth and development through the rate of metabolism.

For the past six years or so, I have been responsible for making sure I have a thyroid. Every morning, while my stomach is empty, I am supposed to take a small pill with a great amount of water. This pill makes sure I’m not cold, depressed, and tired for most of the day. For the past six years or so, I have sucked at making sure I have a thyroid.

I had two main reasons why I refused to take the small pill every morning: 1. I didn’t feel like it. 2. How was I supposed to know when I wanted to eat? Like how? I’d fall back on some version of these answers when family and friends would notice I stopped taking medication and ask questions. My follow up  would be a sigh and to laugh it off. I can now admit that I was knowingly on some bullshit.

I might have been content to stay on the physically exhausting roller coaster except for the fact that I turned 30. I got tired of being tired. Also, interesting things happen to the body as it ages and I didn’t want to add to it by being neglectful. So after a stern talking to, I decided on a plan.

First: No matter what happened to me that morning, I made a decision to always take my medication. If I was going to a friend’s house, the bottle fits easily in my purse.

Second, at home I keep a bottle of water and my pills beside my bed. There is no more blind stumble to the kitchen or excuse of being too tired to blindly stumble to the kitchen. I roll over and the bottle is right there.

Third, every morning at 6:40 my alarm goes off to take my medication. Maybe I take it then, maybe I take a little after. At 7:30 another alarm goes off so there really is less of chance that I’ll forget.

Fourth: Every night, before I even touch the bed, I refill my water. I know myself and I know how it easy for me it would be to say “Welp, yesterday Mel didn’t put the water out so this missed dose is her fault.”

Fifth: I remind myself of those weeks I was awful about taking my medication and how long it took to bounce back.

And yes, I wait the required four hours before my first antacid of the day.
And yes, I wait the required four hours before my first antacid of the day.

I generally feel better when I take my synthroid. I’m not suddenly bursting with energy but that was never me . I am, however, waking up at a decent time more often than not. In addition, I feel more responsible because I’m taking charge of an important part of my health.

So for approximately six years, I sucked at medication but for the past month, I have been great. I’m going to focus on the latter and acknowledge my progress because that is important.

My Thyroid and me!

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