Melissa goes to a concert

Last night, I ventured out from my comfortable couch and my Gossip Girl marathon to go to a concert with a friend. I knew that I had to go because it was D’Angelo and because I really wanted to stay home. So, I pushed myself up, slipped on my favorite maxi and applied my best purple gloss. I was ready.

But in real life, I wasn’t ready. At first, I was annoyed because it was a standing concert and I never wear the right shoes nor do I stretch. Ever. I never stretch. Also, there were people, so many people, just close enough to me that it became a thing. Lastly, the wait between sets was painfully long. I was ready to give it up and turn it loose.

But in real life, I paid money to see D’Angelo and he is an amazing performer. D’Angelo is an amazing performer. After about an hour of bitching, I felt lighter when he came on stage. He smirked, he touched hands and one point he wore what could only be described as someone’s mama’s Sunday cape. The band was on point (there was a horn section!). He really showed up and showed out.

This concert gave me a new perspective of his newest album, Black Messiah. I will admit that I had become disenchanted with the album and really only wanted to hear one song from it. After the live experience however, I am now going to give it another shot.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and totally worth me coming up for air.


(The aforementioned cape. He wore it well)

Melissa goes to a concert

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