Defining Self

This is one of my favorite quotes so I figured it was the best way to kick off my comeback to this blog.

So, defining myself. It is one of my biggest challenges because I have craved the definitions of others. Validation was key because nothing was true if I was the only one who believed it. I will admit, despite the past tense used in previous sentence, this is not a past problem for me. It is something I still deal with on a regular basis. There is a comfort in how others see me that is harder for me to get from my own mirror. It is under that comfort that I find myself crushed at times. It is also important for me to remember that validation is not the big bad. Like most things, outside validation has a necessary place. My task to myself is not to let it take the biggest place in my life.

The journey to trusting myself and who I am has been interesting. And so enters my favorite quote. And this blog.

Defining Self

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