Melissa’s First Apartment-The Kitchen

I have lived in the same house for most of my life. Even when we moved, we took home with us so nothing felt completely unfamiliar. I am now in the unfamiliar. I have very few things from home because now this is my first new home. All of this mine and none of this feels like mine just yet.

And so, I spent hours and made at least three (two?) trips to Big Lots in preparation for this change. I had my mother and sister guiding my hand and filling my cart. I bought the pretty dishes, pots, pans, and silverware. I have dish drying cloths and off brand dish washing detergent. You know who has stemless wine glasses? This 30 year old woman. I even got the glass containers I’ve wanted ever since I heard that I shouldn’t be heating up my leftovers in plastic. I was ready for this unfamiliar.

This confidence would last until I wanted to eat frozen yogurt. See, I never thought to buy an ice cream scooper. Nevertheless, I didn’t let that slow my frozen roll. I adjusted and adapted.

ice cream scooper

However, things got real when I realized that you need a can opener to open a can of beans. As a side note, a butter knife does not work as a substitute .

Melissa’s First Apartment-The Kitchen

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