Melissa is turning 30

I am going to be 30 years old in less than two months. I will be slamming the door on my 20s and bravely walking into what comes after my 20s. I am taking this better than previously believed. It’s amazing when one realizes she isn’t Peter Pan.

I am technically in still in the Intimacy vs Isolation stage of Erikson’s Psychosocial Stage of Development. This stage usually takes place from 19-40. The major theme (threat?) of this stage is to develop the relationships or suffer alone. Being able to form and sustain the intimate relationships is important at this stage. I recently had a friend remind me that friendships, real friendships, take work. I have a track record of not putting in the work. I can say that I am doing better with that. I value my relationships. So work in progress but still progress.

Identity vs Role Confusion is the stage that comes before Intimacy vs Isolation. It should be over by now but I feel like it pops up every now and again. Who am I? No, really. The difference between now and ten years ago, however, is that I have more solid answers and I try to be open. I am Melissa and I’m pretty sure of my identity and comfortable in my roles with the understanding that those roles may shift and so forth. So that clears that up.

Soon, I will be adding “Renter of Own Apartment” to my identity. That’s right. For my big 3-0, I’ve decided to get my own place which should actually help to further resolve Identity vs Role Confusion. It’ll happen four days before said birthday but if all things go as planned…I will turn 30 in a place of my own.

This my “not scared shitless by the future” smile
Melissa is turning 30

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