Melissa’s Lazy Day In

At something o’clock today my father informed it was 90 degrees outside. That announcement confirmed my plans to stay within the walls of our apartment. No regrets. I won’t say that lazy days are something foreign to me. The more stressed I get, the more likely I am to spend my Saturday closed off in my room with Netflix and/or a really delicious book. 

I can say with some confidence that this will be my last lazy day in for a while. I enjoyed the time I spent doing nothing. The most thinking I’ve done today is during the writing of this post. However, I realize that these lazy days are just ways to escape to inevitable. It is a way to change. As long as I close my door and go somewhere else, then the future has been “defeated” for another day. I have ensured that it will look a whole lot like my present. I happened to know my present so I know the future. This is not a good statement.

I am not anti Lazy Days. Ask anyone who knows me. Well, anyone who knows and can still find this blog because I changed the name. That will be addressed later. Anyway, I am still pro-Lazy Day. I just feel that I should start earning it. Yes, I work hard and long but so far it hasn’t been working to go further. So far, it has been working to stay right here. 

Even as I write this, I find it hard. Will this be like the time I said I’d wake up at 6:00 am every morning (no I’m not linking that post, don’t be that guy)? I am going to try hard for it a different answer than the doubting voice in my head.

Meanwhile in unrelated news, the gem of my Lazy Day was Chris Colfer. That man is talented. I watched Struck By Lightning today on Netflix. He wrote the film, the book and starred in the movie. Fantastic cast. Great story. I don’t know who found the leading character arrogant to the point of  unlikable but we disagree. It is the coming of age story of a boy with a mother addicted to pills and alcohol in a town he’s outgrown before the movie started. It’s funny, dark and touching. Everything I love in a movie. 

Melissa’s Lazy Day In

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