Melissa thinks too much

People pretty much figure this out after knowing me for a week. I spend more time thinking of what to write than just writing. At least 30% of my Google Drive is comprised of beginning of short stories and about five chapters of a novel.  I don’t finish things and it’s not all just laziness. I still have the idea for my Geek Poetry book sitting in my head and various emails. 

 I can predict the future of my projects and it’s all difficulty and failure. I don’t fear rejection, I accept that it will happen and it will be the worse thing ever in the entire world. That right there is Negative Forecasting mixed with a little Catastrophizing. It’s a rather easy to trap to fall into and hard to escape. It’s a self defeating thought pattern. I hate knowing it and continuing to do it. The good part is that I can recognize it and make sincere efforts to stop.  This effort often entails me talking to myself in the mirror or yelling “No!”  As I stated before, I’m more hopeful now. 

Tip: Shorter paragraphs make a post look longer. Right? 

That’s it for now. I’m doing well. 

Sidenote: In May 2012, I told you guys I would like to start waking up at 5 something. I didn’t do it. I don’t know that I will do it. I love that feeling but it’s 5 something in the morning!

Melissa thinks too much

2 thoughts on “Melissa thinks too much

  1. I’ve read a few books and stuff on habit forming — The Power of Habit is a good one btw. It takes 2 weeks to form a habit. So if you want to change something, don’t get discouraged! you can flip the script and change the pattern 🙂

  2. I can relate. I have so many WIP’s in Google Drive, it’s a doggone shame. I don’t know if it’s laziness or attention deficit or something else. Maybe I’d be able to focus and finish stories if I mapped out the plot more or had a deadline but I lose NaNoWriMo every year I enter so…no. The only thing I haven’t tried is a writing partner or group.

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