Melissa finally does Audiobooks

I was not for audiobooks at first. I found them intimidating and thought that I wouldn’t be able to fully grasp the context. I could not figure out how people lived their lives while listening to a book. Nope. However, my logic was flawed. I have been listening to story podcasts for over a year. I only listen to them while doing something else and if I feel like I zoned out or missed something I (dramatic parenthesis) rewind. I am now currently enjoying Happy Accidents as one of 2 of my free audible trial books. I still doubt my ability to listen to a full fiction book on tape but I can listen to people tell me about their lives. I don’t know if I’ll keep audible but I’m a little more tempted than I was before. Also, I could listen to Jane Lynch tell me about her life for hours…apparently. 

Melissa finally does Audiobooks

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