Melissa turned 28

I turned 28. I spent this week visiting my dad in the hospital and being surrounded by family. We became cushions for each other as we are prone to do during emergencies. I spent this week holding hands and praying. So much praying. I even asked my co-workers to pray for my father. I spent this week crying and being angry that this whole thing had happened. I did this as a kid whenever something bad would happen, I would just wish the whole damn thing away. Heads up, that never works. When I opened my eyes, it still happened and we were still gathered in the waiting room.  I questioned everything and for a few seconds felt nothing. I don’t know what any of this means but I’m very grateful my  father is recovering.

Birthdays and family hard times tend be the deal making goal setting events. I’m sure I have a list of things to do before I’m 30 somewhere. I’ll get to them. I’m pretty grateful for the things I was grateful for when I turned 27. I am excited for this new year though and the opportunity to follow through with plans that I did not complete last year. I have the chance to be better with situations and people that I’ve been avoiding. I’m already more hopeful than I was last year (I think, I should really go back and see where my head was last year). I can do this because I really believe the following inspirational poster.


It doesn’t mean that you are can fix all of your problems in one day. It doesn’t mean that you will be the best person the next day or even the next week. To me, this poster means that you can always do something better than you did the day before. Small steps.

Melissa turned 28

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