I love the library

I love Detroit Public Library-Main Branch. I love the library in general but my day was brighten by the Main Branch. I went into check out a book that was not checked in yet. The librarian kindly retrieved the book and then proceeded to checked it in. She could have easily told me to come back. I would have come back despite having to fight after work/DIA event traffic to get there after work. I really wanted to read this book but could not justify it in my budget crammed with other unjustifiable purchases. While I was waiting on her to retrieve the book, I found three other books I’ve been meaning to read from GoodReads. On my way out, I passed by youth program (HYPE). It’s pretty much everything I have ever loved about the library. I smiled all the way back to my car.

They also have a fantastic library used book sale twice a year. Seriously, it’s multiple rooms filled with used books and a good number of them are fairly new.

Also, I am on a break from Storm of Swords because after my heart got broken I had to read about Brown Ben Plumm. Seriously, George R.R. Martin? SERIOUSLY?! It’s not that I don’t like the character but I feel like we could have used other words than “nappy” to describe his hair. His tone might not be all magical Negro but it’s a bit close.

I love the library

2 thoughts on “I love the library

  1. I just wrote a pretty long response to your post and it was eaten at the press of the "publish" button.I basically said that I love the library, too.I love to get lost in other worlds for a few hours.If you have an ipad or Kindle, look into checking out digital books from your library if they use Overdrive.comI said it all much nicer the first time. This time you just get the basics. LOL

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