Melissa: The Return

When we last left me, I did not have a laptop. I was confined to using my phone and borrowing my mother’s laptop when she went to work or to church. I have now had my precious back for over 1 week and it’s a weird adjustment. Before the great water drip of 2012, I would rush to my laptop upon arriving home. I would be sure that I missed something big on twitter or some huge drama. If nothing happened, then it would be straight to youtube for old clips of One Life to Live. What I’m trying to tell you is that I used to be super cool. This has changed.

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First, let us explore what I did those cold days without her. I read my physical copy of Storm of Swords. I am still reading so no spoilers. I watched television on an actual television. My DVR was holding some really good shows and yes, Vh1 Love and Hip Hop (try super hard not to judge me). I even wrote in my paper journal at least twice. I made plans for what I would do should Best Buy ever gift me with my laptop again. I also went to bed at a somewhat decent time because tumblr is just not fun on my phone. The rest of that two weeks or so is a blur due to heavy work hours and waiting for Sons of Anarchy to return.

And now we jump forward to the present. During this time, we also moved. It was probably a good thing I got used to not having a laptop for a while because moving is and continues to be hard. I would have gladly jumped into HBOGo instead of deciding which of the clothes from high school I am definitely not going to wear again. Nevertheless, my routine has changed. I don’t hop right onto my laptop when I get home. I stop, eat or dive back into Storm of Swords. I’ve gone grocery shopping, hung out with my family (all of whom are great free labor for moving btw). This is not an after school special about how much time the internet was robbing my life. Basically, Storm of Swords is a great book.

Okay, it’s a little about learning a lesson. It’s a little about change. I miss the hours of waste I spent looking up random things, watching random shows and following random twitter fights but not as much as I would have thought. I feel as though I am doing more with the hours between hitting the door and hitting the bed. I am only hoping I don’t replace my past laptop obsession with a new one called “Comcast On Demand.”  I am also finding that I’m using my precious to more do more things that I promised myself I would do at least a year ago. For instance, I wrote this blog entry.

*takes bow*

Melissa: The Return

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