Melissa and her journal

I enjoy this blog despite my spotting updating. However, doing it the old fashioned private way helps me. I love writing in a code that I will know and being able to express myself without limitations. I also love the shopping that goes into a journal. I try to pick journals that are appealing to me (okay, cute) and interesting. I also try to get ones that aren’t too expensive because in my heart, I am cheap. I bought two recently, one for personal and one poetry, and I feel good about it. I have been semi-regular in with jotting down my personal thoughts and it feels good to have that crossed off of my little accomplishments. My personal journal reflects one of my interests (the cover is a 50s style comic girl) and so I smile when I look at it. I think it’s important to make your journal as pleasing to the eyes as possible. 

I should probably look into a scrap book one day. Probably. We’ll put it on the list. 

Melissa and her journal

One thought on “Melissa and her journal

  1. I love journals and journaling. But I spend so much time in front of a computer, that online journaling/blogging makes more sense. From then on, it’s just deciding whether I want someone to respond to the stuff I had to get off my chest.

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