Overcoming initial reactions

This isn’t the cover of the book but I really like this picture. I didn’t think I’d like this book. My first reaction was “Older white guy writing about an African woman starting a detective agency? Okay, Internets.” I cringe every time I think about James Patterson describing Alex Cross (Young Muhammad Ali), I mean really. I hear the rest of that series is pretty though. However, I kept collecting the books at used book sales. Eventually, I collected his other books as well. This can be partial explained by my impulsive behavior at used book sales. I mean, where am I’m going to find these books in good condition for a dollar ever again? I know. I’m working on it. Anyway, I finally read the first book in the series and I enjoyed it. The book reads like a series of short stories (I heart short stories) that are connected. There were some bits that made me roll my eyes but I can’t tell if it’s from my ignorance regarding Africa and how it is referenced. This only happened a few times so for the most part, I enjoyed it.

Overcoming initial reactions

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