Melissa and Change

This is pretty much my theme song for the most part. I chose the video of Alex from The Glee Project because I found his storyline in Glee to be short, not really consistent with reality (I mean how did they practice that number if they didn’t know Unique was going to lead?) but brave nevertheless. That was a long sentence.

One of the most important things I learned while going to school for social work were the 5 stages of change.

Pre-Contemplation- “Problem? What Problem?”

Contemplation-“Oh. THAT problem. Yea. It’s a problem. Should probably stop.”

Preparation- “In order to stop I’m going to do A-B-C by a certain reasonable amount of time.”

Action-“Look at me! I’m doing this!”

Maintenance- “You can look if you want, I’m still doing it though.”

This is a simplified explanation. Change is really hard. I feel like I spend my days saying this and my life living it. Change is really fraking hard.  In the end though, it’s worth it. The feeling you get when you know you’ve made progress with a certain goal or with stopping a certain habit? It’s a jolt to the system. It’s confidence building. It’s totally and completely worth it. That feeling is something I look to whenever I lapse back into an old habit. It’s my light at the end of the tunnel and every day I try to reach for it. I repeat affirmations to myself to keep myself going. It actually works for the most part.

So that is what I am currently doing with my life and it’s what I’ve been doing for a while now. I’ve been successful in some areas and less successful in others but I remain hopeful.


Melissa and Change

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