Melissa’s Arrested Development

It has not been easy for me to make the transition into adulthood. I am making it though. The trick is to not putting on your focus on comparing you accomplishments against those of someone else. I have what I have now and I’m trying every day (except Saturday and Sunday because that’s when I sleep) to do better.

I still have a list of things I wish to accomplish before a certain age and I think I’m just about there on them. The first thing is to decorate my office. I am a few weeks past my 90 days so I’m pretty sure I’ll be there for awhile. I’m still getting used to saying “Meet me in my office” and there actually being an office there. My name is on the door and I have business cards. And they took out union dues. I’m pretty sure I’m hired for a while. Weird, how that feels.

I’ve been waiting to blog here again until I have my weekly routine down. Still working on it.

Melissa’s Arrested Development

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