Melissa’s Detroit Sunday Morning

First, Hi. I’m still here. My schedule remains mostly the same, especially since the “Two Todds” story on OLTL.

Anyway, I think I am also going to use this blog to post about cool things I’ve done in Detroit. I’m sure I’ve talked about this before. I usually forget that there are things to do outside my room and netflix.  It’s a problem. I know. We’ll talk about that later.

I am very easily amazed by my city. Thursday night, my friend Danielle got me to agree to go some party at The Key Club. We didn’t actually go but we did stop at Lafayette Coney Island. It’s one of the more (most?) famous Coney Islands in Detroit. It’s been featured on Man Vs Food and Detroit 1-8-7. It’s pretty small and simple. The menus are on little holders placed on the table and it’s one sheet front and back. I regret not getting a Coney Dog.

This morning, my friend Dana talked me into going to Astro Coffee. It’s on Michigan in Detroit. I’ve never been. In fact, I’ve only been in that area once when I was in the middle of being lost. The atmosphere just felt nice. I joked with Dana that with my white cup and saucer, I felt like Frasier. This was in part because this morning was misty. I will most definitely be back with a book and for a whole buttery scone.




Melissa’s Detroit Sunday Morning

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