Melissa’s Daily Life

I’ve been employed full time for over a month now. This is how my life has been working.

6:40 am -Alarm goes off. Body says “Nope.”

6:50 am-Alarm goes off again. And it’s still a no.

7:00 am-I turn off “snooze” and set the alarm for 7:40 am

7:40 am- Rolling out of bed.

8:00 am – “Oh look One Life to Live is on!”

8:30 am- In my car to go to work

9:00 am-Work.

5:00 pm- “Have I done enough to relax when I get home.”

5:05 pm- “Nope.”

6:00 pm- “I can start to leave.”

7:00 pm- HOME!!!!!

Okay then that’s the usual dinner, television, reading, television.

1:00 am-Bed

And then the cycle starts again. I do try to go out with friends at least once during the work week when I can fit it in but I need to change this. I should put blogging somewhere in my day. I love my weekends though.

Melissa’s Daily Life

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