Melissa and Fat Lee Adama

There’s a reason for that picture. Let’s just say that I am slowly getting out of the beginning of the  BSG Season 3 of my life. This picture reminds me never to forget the struggle or the bad habits that got me there.  I should explain the picture because I don’t want non BSG fans to think I’m making fun of fat people. MILD SPOILER FOR BATTLESTAR GALACTICA BELOW!

At the beginning of Season 3, we see Lee handling depression, frustration and inadequacy by indulging in food and self pity.  Anyone who has watched Battlestar Galactica is used to seeing Lee frak up and send invites to his self pity parties to anyone who isn’t fighting cylons at the time. However, we aren’t used to seeing Apollo take to the diva high level this dude took it. Even Bill “If it were you, we’d never leave” Adama was disappointed. Lee did have a some serious problems and some really good moments after Season 3.  Anyway, he had to go through some mess in order to gain perspective and give on his better speeches in the last season or was that later in Season 3? Anyway, it was great and I loved it. I might watch it again later this week.

So that’s about it. Life is going okay right now after sucking for a long period of time. It’s not perfect but nothing, not even Battlestar Galactica, is perfect.

I’ll try to post more.

Melissa and Fat Lee Adama

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