Melissa’s Geeky Affirmation Poem

I promised that I would post a poem and I’m doing it. Plan and execution, people…few things are better.


Daily Affirmation

each dust/glitter inducing  sun rise
each alarm clock snooze button push
is an opportunity
to battle
to win
over the fear of redoing past mistakes
over regret for things unsaid and not done
I get closer to using my degree
for more than bragging rights
I am the woman I thought I would be
And it is frakkin’ awesome
So Today the Doctor dances
I don’t see the past errors
I don’t feel the humiliation of a rejected lover
I feel the relief of a pardoned criminal
I feel mortal but damn hard to kill
And nothing
not the even the enemies I’ve given shape to inside the AU of my mind
will stop me
That’s right
I am Picard and Today is my Number One
I say “Make it so” and it happens
No power in the verse can stop me
So neither Reavers, Qs,message board trolls nor rejection letters need apply

This poem will probably grow or get a Part 2 but for the moment I am obsessed with including geek references into poems. Also, writing this poem really did brighten up my day.

Melissa’s Geeky Affirmation Poem

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