Melissa is BACK!

I am back. Officially.

What they try to tell you after graduation is that the hard part is just beginning. Your professors tell you, your friends tell and your peers tell you that life after graduation is not going to be easy. And yet, I fully expected life to be grand after I got my degree in the mail. In less than two years I completed two degrees in social work, so I thought the career in social work part would be just as fast. I was wrong. I am not saying my course work was easy but this is quite simply the hardest time of my life. Searching for employment in a field you’re passionate about can be thrilling and soul crushing at the same time. As each week goes by, I am trying to concentrate on the thrilling part. It’s amazing to really reflect on what you can do with social work and who you can help. I’m still excited, just not as naive.

That whole paragraph explains why I haven’t been updating. It’s hard to update when you realize you haven’t reached a major goal so your story isn’t the success you planned to blog about when you started out.

I’ll probably post a poem next.

Melissa is BACK!

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