Melissa feels uncomfortable with this Safe (r) Sex Ad

I have watched this ad at least three times and I still cannot place my finger on what really disturbs me about it. At the end of the day, it’s probably how everything is depicted. Bristol Palin is the good girl who won’t and the guy pushing the condoms is seen as ridiculous almost to the point of deviant.  I appreciate that safer sex is acknowledge in this ad but the way it’s done feels simplistic and sloppy. Palin’s message of abstinence seems to be handled better than The Situation’s message about condoms. Maybe I’m cynic, but I believe that even if you are vowing not have sex before marriage, it is still irresponsible not to be prepared just in case something happens and you fall short of that goal. It reminds me of the argument people give against passing out condoms. The argument being that if you give a teenager a condom, you’re giving that teen permission  and even encouraging him or her to have sex. I don’t agree with this position mainly because I feel that telling a person that the only way to keep 100% safe from STIs is to not have sex is only half of the message. Since I believe that, I believe that to do anything less than give the person all the facts and tools is a disservice. There are times I feel like this position may come off as harsh but I like to be realistic. And that probably comes off as harsh as well. Oh well.

Melissa feels uncomfortable with this Safe (r) Sex Ad

One thought on “Melissa feels uncomfortable with this Safe (r) Sex Ad

  1. dustdaughter says:

    It’s laughably hypocritical to make Bristol Palin into the poster child for teen abstinence. That’s my first and biggest problem with this ad. You mentioned the other major problems.

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