Melissa’s Progress

Progress is coming slow but I am (once again) slowly getting there. Since geeks like lists, here goes:

  • I started my job hunt.  It’s about as depressing and exciting as I thought it would be
  • I submitted my poetry and will continue to do so until it’s published
  • I’m rededicating myself to memorizing poems so that next time I go to an open mic, I can leave the paper behind
  • I’m doing the national novel writing month thing this year. I don’t have plans on the story to go anywhere but writing really gives me that jolt I need
  • My hair is getting really long. It means something to me though I am worried how I’ll look when it’s down
  • I started exercising again. I missed last week but that’s starting again for sure
  • I am doing Module 2 for HIV counseling next week
  • I graduate on December 11, 2010 with my Masters. That should be at the tippy top of my list but it’s not. School and real world are getting more and more separate
  • Family stuff is moving along nicely.  I really love that bunch and since my grandfather died a few years ago, it seems like we’re taking extra steps to be together.
  • This shouldn’t be on the list but my book and comic collection is growing. It’s still an accomplishment. Shut up. I love graphic novels.

And so ends the list of what is new with me. The list was a long way of saying: Nothing new.

Melissa’s Progress

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