Talking about Prison Rape

Rape in prison is something that we all know happens. It’s been depicted over and over in movies like Shawshack Redemption and in the HBO series Oz. It is something that is often joked about (Boondocks, pick an episode) partial because it seems like a far away problem that doesn’t touch our every day lives. Except it does.

I’ve been reading off and on this past week about it and I need to do more reading but this article from the NY Times blog caught my eye and I thought I’d share because this is my blog and I do what I want. Also, it’s an informative read.

Prison Rape: Eric Holder’s Unfinished Business

There are standards proposed by the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission to reduce the number of prison rapes but the reason they haven’t been implemented, according to the article, is because of cost.

That troubles me.

Talking about Prison Rape

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