Melissa and The View feat. D.L. Hughley

I’m going to put on some glasses on and just start spouting off wrongness because apparently, it works for D.L. Hughley. The last post I did was about the FDA upholding the ban on gay men to donate blood. D. L. Hughley defends the FDA’s decision saying we should defer to their judgment. He goes into the ‘political correctness’ spiel that I’ve read way too many times to be impressed.

Anyway, he goes on to say that he takes exception to the stance that if gays aren’t allowed to donate blood due to the high prevalence of HIV then African Americans should be banned as well. His defense? Black people aren’t born with HIV.

Take a moment.

Think about what that infers.

He doesn’t correct himself.

Flames. Flames on the side of my face.

Elizabeth is actually on the side of reason here. She points out that the ban is homophobic and that everyone who donates should be asked about their sexual behavior and judged for it, if that is the case. You’ve got to be kidding me. I agree with Elizabeth.  Maybe she’s Earth-2 Elizabeth.

Then Sherri ends with saying that HIV is high in the black community because of woman sleeping with men who have sex with men. Thomas Roberts, who makes the most sense at the table, tries to interject something important about unprotected sex but Sherri has her ‘teachable moment’ face on even though she’s wrong. Yes, she’s wrong but that’s another post.

Anyway, D.L. Hughley says the whole “we should be able to charge the men who sleep with women and secretly men should be charged with attempted murder” line and I guess we are supposed to applaud. Roberts points out that maybe we should make it easier to come out before we go pressing charges.

Let’s go to the “down low” talk included in this video before my head explodes with anger. Everyone is explaining to Roberts what the “Down Low” (which he says he’s never heard of but come on, guy) is and that it’s hard to come out in the black community. Elizabeth says it’s hard to come out in the black community and I want to disagree with her because that’s what I’m used to doing. Roberts points out that it’s hard to come out in the white community as well, as he didn’t do it until he was 26. I’m not going to over stats and figures and have a pissing contest over which culture is more homophobic. I can only speak from my own cultural experience and that subject got worn out with Prop 8.

I do take offense to the term “down low.” Down Low is most often used when a black man cheats on his woman with a man and won’t admit that he’s sleeping with a man. It’s a popular term that has been used in R & B jams by R. Kelly and Brian McKnight that generally meant cheating. Down Low is basically…cheating…but not just any kind of cheating…black people cheating. Do we really need a special set aside term for something that people do regardless of sexual orientation or race. Every time I hear the term “Down-Low”, I want to pull out the handy dandy race card.

This is a rant post so you’ll excuse the lack of format. GLAAD is now pissed at The View and they want a retraction and an apology and I don’t blame them. This is not something over which they are overreacting. You can’t just sprout off ignorance and claim it as fact because it suits your personal belief and because you have a nice pair of glasses on that day.

Anyway, a good reading tool for the subject of Down Low men and HIV, at least in my humble opinion, is Keith Boykins’ Beyond the Down Low: Sex, Lies in Black America.

Also on The View. You know that white person who says something really racist to you online or in person but says she or he is not racist because said person has a black friend? Apparently Whoopi Goldberg is that black friend.

Melissa and The View feat. D.L. Hughley

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