Melissa and The Webseries Thing Part 1

The closer I get to earning my masters degree, the more I go into escape mode. I didn’t really experience this with my undergraduate degree but that’s because I knew that I’d still be right back in school. Now, however, school will be over in less than six months and then I’ll be done unless I do my incredibly bad idea and go back for library science. One can be social worker and a librarian at the same time…right?

Lately, I’ve been trying to balance out my escape time and my “no, this is real life, Melissa” time. I’m looking up articles on my field (LGBTQI2 and HIV/Prevention), class work is getting done and soon my resume will be rebuilt. I could go into a Steve Austin thing right now but I will not do that. I have a list, I have a plan, the future will not catch me unawares. Hopefully…

In any case, in my spare non car having time (no seriously, never come to Detroit, MI without a car. There is almost no point in it) I have discovered the joy of sci fi shows, comic books and yes webseries.

I’ll start off with my favorite: The Guild.

The Guild is written by and stars Dr. Horrible’s Felicia Day. I had never heard of her before that glorious sing-a-long blog. It’s about this MMORPG guild “The Knights of Good.” Day stars as Codex who uses the game in place of real life social interactions, this changes when Zaboo winds up on her front door. Well, not so “winds up” as “stalked.” She gathers The Knights of Good for a IRL meeting and the show goes from there. The cast is made up of fun characters including: Zaboo, the well intentioned stalker (Sandeep Parikh), Tinkerbell, the mean one (Amy Okuda), Clara, the super neglectful mother (Robin Thorsen), Bladezz, your typical immature high school boy (Vincent Caso) and team leader Vork (Jeff Lewis). The show just finished taping it’s 4th season. The episodes are at most eight minutes long which makes it really easy to watch all three season in one seating.

I didn’t think I would be into the show as I am not into gaming. I’m trying out video games but I’m still new. However, I was hooked after the first minute of the first episode. The dialogue is funny, the show has just enough awkward so that it’s not overkill. The terminology for the game isn’t very hard to follow, which was a concern for a non gamer such as myself. Wil Wheaton even shows up later in the series. I bring that up because it seems like I can’t watch a show without him popping up out of nowhere and being kind of awesome.

The series is available on DVD, as well as on instant streaming on Netflix, and it is has a site:, it is also now a comic book series written by Felicia Day from Dark Horse Comics (of course I own all three current issues) The site:

Melissa and The Webseries Thing Part 1

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