Melissa-Public Health Nerd Wannabe

And I’m back. I completed the first module that will lead up to my certification as an HIV counselor/prevention person/tester….whatever title you want to use.  I cannot wait.

The two-day training made me realize how up in my own world I’ve been these past years and how little I actually knew about HIV. I know more now and that feels fantastic. Knowledge really is empowering and I plan to gain more knowledge about my field as time goes on. It’s also been really helpful in forcing me out of my funk.

Here is a video from that I just finished watching. Elizabeth Pisani: Sex, drugs and HIV-let’s get rational. There is a really great section on needle exchange programs.

I found it enlightening, entertaining and just great. There is at least one image that might shock you but it’s all safe for work (to the five people that read this). My favorite quote is as follows: “…has a duty to demand of their politicans that we make policy based on scientific evidence and on common sense.”

And here is the video

Melissa-Public Health Nerd Wannabe

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