Melissa’s Hair

So that is me through the years in no particular order. My hair for the past six years has been mostly short (see the biggest picture). The picture at the top best reflects how long my hair is now. I’m going through the some things growing it but I’ve never enjoyed my hair more than I do now. I wore it long throughout high school and for a brief period in 2004.  I didn’t hate my hair when it was long but part of the reason I kept it long was  because I was seeing a guy who loved long hair.  Shut up. We’ve all been that girl.

Usually I feel frumpy when I grow it out and this year I decided to change that. I’m growing my hair out for my own reasons that aren’t tied to any person other than myself.  I take the time to wash it, condition it and now it’s long enough for hair bands. This was not possible when I was getting my hair relaxed. That was the usual black hair story in which my hair resembled the Wicked Witch of the West. Now, I forget to bring an umbrella because I only saw it as a barrier between my hair and the rain. I got out of that habit fast though because I hate being sick.

So wish me luck. I’m not letting it grow too long.

This post makes sense, right?

Melissa’s Hair

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