Melissa hearts Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening is coming to Detroit at the  Fisher Theater from April 20-May 9 2010. It’s a musical about “morality, sexuality and Rock & Roll”, if you need to know more then you didn’t read the first part of this  sentence correctly. There is no adequate way to express the excitement on my face when I found out about this a couple of weeks ago.

I first found out about Spring Awakening last year when I got way too hyper about watching the Tony Awards for the first time and my friend from Alma College, theater major, told me about it. I brushed it off and then later listened to the music.  I’m hooked. The chance to see it live and in my city fills me with glee. I’m always the person in the car who has listened to the soundtrack but never went to see the play. I keep vowing that will stop soon.

This would be it, expect for going to see Wicked in July. So, should most things fall into place (money, car, outfit) then I’m going and I’ll be a huge dork and save the ticket.

Melissa hearts Spring Awakening

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