Melissa, Paul Scott and Eugene

This is going to be short.

Paul Scott wants to be your Secretary of State, Michigan. I have to tell you, I have never really cared about the Secretary of State. I know who she is (Terri Lynn Land) because her name comes up plenty on my documents. I can admit my ignorance and I’m willing to do better.

Nevertheless, nothing shakes a person out of ignorance like anger. This leads me to my friend and yours Paul Scott. One of his top projects as Secretary of State of MI would be to make sure transgender people can’t change their sex on their driver’s license.

Remember that scene from To Wong Foo? Two drag queens and a Latin boy in a dress were driving at night and got pulled over by the police. Patrick Swayze’s character never had her gender changed on her license. Instead of reading “Vida”, her license read “Eugene.”  Noxeema, Wesley Snipes, then proceeds to repeat “Eugene?” in disbelief.  This scene at first seems like a simple “we’re in a tight spot” type of jam. It is that and more because there is real fear when being stopped at night and obvious someone who is considered an “other.” These are two drag queens and drag princess travelling alone and  the matter of “Eugene” is more than a simple complication.

The analogy isn’t perfect. I know. I’ll tear it apart for you. Not every drag queen is a transsexual, same goes for drag kings (I didn’t forget you). Not every situation with a cop is going to be scary because you’re different. A license probably isn’t the best defense for getting harmed. Vida simply forgot to change her license.

However, imagine going through so much to be the person, the gender, you’ve felt your entire life and having to explain yourself each time you pulled out your license. Sure, if people can tell, you might get stares wherever you go but not being able to change you sex just validates those stares and those ideas that are against you. And honestly, how much are you are asking? To change the “M” to an “F”.

So why, make denying a person this right? How does it affect your driver’s license? Why make this your priority? Is it because it blatantly plays on the knee jerk of voters. This is the state that voted yes on Prop 2.  So sure, why not make life a little harder for a population that’s done nothing to you and yours? You’re really going to play the “social values” card? I mean…it’ll get you votes. IF you get the GOP nomination.

Good luck State Rep Paul Scott. Stay classy.

Melissa, Paul Scott and Eugene

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