Melissa’s list for hot nerd lovin’

The following is a list of things I’ve learned from being a nerd and being around nerds. Please note: there are different types of nerds/geeks/dorks…this is a general list. This list is mostly just for play and if you have things to add…feel free. I am not a nerk (nerd/dork combo) expert just a huge fan.

Melissa’s Guide on how to interact with or become a better Nerd/Dork/Geek/Nerk
1. Insert random Star Wars/Star Trek quotes into everyday conversation. It’s a stereotype but come on…don’t lie to yourself.
2. Read or have adequate knowledge of at least one or two major Sci-Fi books. To be on the safe side know one from as far back as the 80s..70s depending on your age range.
3. Be able to talk about Stephen King. For better or worse, King is big deal. I don’t like Koontz but do you.
4. If you have a shirt with a comic book character on it…wear it with pride.
5. Know your comic book heroes or at least be prepared to learn.
6. Make a red shirt joke
7. Laugh at a red shirt joke (really there is only one red shirt joke)
8. You will eventually run into a Joss Whedon situation. Firefly is your best bet.
9. Don’t talk about how much you love Twilight. Nope.
10. Wikipedia: Learn to love it.
11. Have you seen Dr. Horrible? It’s just a good show to watch.
12. Video games are mildly important. The trouble with this tip is that you’ll run into a nerd that likes his games more than you. Walk away.
13. Have all of your facts before engaging in a battle with a nerd. Be prepared to list them and defend your position. You probably won’t be able to change anyone’s opinion but at least come correct with yours, son!

14. Never make fun of RPGs. Never. You never know how far you’ve gone til you make a bad D&D joke.
15. Do not mock certain fandoms. You’ll know when you’ve done it. You’ll know.

16. Grammar nerds are both funny and annoying. If you don’t want them correcting every text you send then it’s important to say this in the beginning and avoid ending your sentences with a preposition.  Here is a list of prepositions:

17. Do not be afraid of the comic book store. Listen, it’s a fun place and you’ll find something you’ll like. I promise.

18. Watch some obscure cult classic at some point in your life. Last Dragon is one that I need to see.

And that is the list so far. Good night and good luck.

Melissa’s list for hot nerd lovin’

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