Project Car: Melissa meets Craigslist

I wanted a separate page for my projects but still connected to this blog. I’m not sure that is possible and am tired of trying so this will be here. And thus a new category has formed “Progress Report” (see how this is becoming real?)

So, let’s just say two cars were involved in a car accident and one of those cars (a Ford Focus) got totaled. Got dead. On 9/19/09 it will be a full month since Melissa has driven a car. This has been a month of hell. There are many things that are  uncomfortable to do in Detroit:

Look for a job

Keep a decent movie theater (ones that show recent movies not the one on Lasher)

Explain to outsiders that just because you were born and raised in Detroit doesn’t mean you know what a drive by feels like though you imagine it’s not good

Read about the current state of DPS

Find cheap parking downtown or any street parking on a game day


Not own a car.

So I decide to get on Craigslist and I’m a hound on there. I need an older car for insurance purposes. So far it has been pretty helpful. I came close to snagging one but he sold the car without telling me (douche!) which almost defeated me. However, I have decided to keep at it because these projects won’t complete themselves and a car will help with the other projects.

I am closer to this goal and hope I can round this project off by next week.

Project Car: Melissa meets Craigslist

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