TV Upset: Melissa won’t even watch Who’s The Boss Reruns

Starting next week, some of our favorite shows will be returning from summer death. We will be awakened from reality show fog (there are always reality shows in the fall but the ones in the summer seem more brainless) and scripted television will once again reign supreme. As you can tell, I’m excited. Instead of doing the a quick blog about the best scripted TV moment (It was most likely on the Golden Girls), I’ve decided to vent a long held beef I have with a show that spanned from the late 80s to the early 90s.

I am an avid television watcher. My punishments as a kid included no television or trips to the library. One of my family favorite memories of me is at the age three staring wide eyed in front of the television screen singing along. Apparently, I had woken up and went straight for the television. They would later complain about this but if they needed to know what was then I was the first person they asked.

Now that we have established my love for television, I would like to present you a great television injustice. There have been many from the no final episode of The Jeffersons to the weird Sam/Rebbecca parenting idea on Cheers. The one that still irks me 17 years later is the ending of “Who’s The Boss.” That’s right, Tony Danza, we have beef and you know why. According to the Who’s The Boss? page, the writers wanted to keep the couple together but Tony Danza and the executives  thought that messing with the heads of young tv addicts…I mean fans… was a better way to go. I totally believe this. I had always blamed the writers for this travesity. I suppose him showing up at her doorstep for a job in the identical situation that opened up the show eight years prior was supposed to be beautiful, circle type mess. It was not, it was suck. That is not a typo.

I would like to apologize for calling the writers of “Who’s The Boss?” various mean names over the years. It was not your fault and the show probably should have did a Bea Arthur* and quit in the seventh season.

*Bea Arthur decided to quit two of her more famous television shows “Maude” and “Golden Girls” when she felt enough was enough. When a show decides that enough is enough, I call it a Bea Arthur. This is especially true of other cast members don’t agree was the case in both shows.

TV Upset: Melissa won’t even watch Who’s The Boss Reruns

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