Melissa’s “Monday” (now complete with air quotes)

I believe it makes sense that my first blog would be a personal blog.  So let’s get to it.

My life at the moment seems to be in a bit of upheaval. I have just graduated from Wayne State University’s Undergrad School of Social Work. I toy with the idea of signing my name “Melissa Draughn, B.S.W.” Yes, I am that proud. It took me a total of two major changes and seven years to get that undergrad degree. This should be an exciting time in my life. The clouds are supposed to open up, jaybirds are supposed wake me up and the path to happiness is supposed to be cleared away. In short, that one event on May 9, 2009 was supposed to magically make my life better. It has not. I am still wasting myself at a job that has nothing at all to do with my degree. I am not making enough to support myself. I go through each day with heavy fear of loneliness. I have no car. I also have no Ipod and maybe that should bother me but it really bothers me. There are moments when I feel as though May 9, 2009 lied to me.

Clearly, the “there is no magic bullet” lesson is one that I continue to learn. I know there is a human behind the curtain but I still wish to believe that there is some magic wizard because, because, because…. Whatever. I have decided to label these mystical life changing events “Mondays.”  Everything I have ever wanted to do from losing weight to balancing my checkbook would happen on Monday. Oddly enough, I’m still stuck on Sunday. I am still at the night before big “change.” I go to sleep and think that tomorrow will be Monday and everything will fall into place.  However, I wake up and it feels like Monday but it’s actually still Sunday and I’m wearing my “I’ll do it tomorrow sweats.”

Clearly the point is that I have been through too much these past months to believe that my “Monday” will come and I will hear a soundtrack similar to Bridget Jones. I should probably also stop literally planning to change my life on a “Monday.” It’s not even the beginning of week, depending on your source. There is no power behind one day just because it happens to be that day. Maybe that sounds dreadful and I don’t mean to be dreadful. As a future social worker, I cannot afford to take a negative outlook on life. I can afford, however, to be more realistic. It is one of the most important lessons you learn as a social worker: Meet the client where he/she is at. For instance, you don’t see a homeless client and start telling her/him about the wonderful house in the future.  You’ll either get a crazy look or have a homeless person putting way too much faith in you. Either way, you’ve messed up.

Melissa’s “Monday” (now complete with air quotes)

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